Sarajevo Singular Plural. In Honour of Zdravko Grebo

Jakob Finci, Wolfgang Petritsch and Christophe Solioz (Eds), Baden-Baden: Nomos | SEIP, vol. 14, 2023.

Sarajevo Singular Plural offers a collection of contributions – essays as well as art and photography portfolios – focusing on Sarajevo as a “multiplex city”.

The book screens how “being with” – at one and the same time co-existence, exposure to each other and hybridisation – is translated into the permanent metamorphosis of a city bonding its past and its future. Sarajevo’s recent past contains tragedies, suffering and failures of humanity as well as much unrealised hope and potential. The art and photography portfolios attempt in particular to capture this in delicate and refined ways.

Sarajevo’s urban space is scrutinised from a diversity of standpoints combining approaches inspired by architecture, urbanism, literature, art, anthropology, history, philosophy, social sciences and politics. Sarajevo Singular Plural views the city as ceaselessly active and perpetually changing; it presupposes a multidimensional and collaborative system composed of highly reactive projects connecting a wide range of “drivers for change.

This volume should not be considered as a closed and completed whole, a form deposited once and for all, or a totality. It amounts rather to an open site inviting a further combination of the different contributions which may be conceived as fragments which engage, over time, different readings of the urban space.

With contributions from: Jean-Luc Nancy | Almin Zrno | Ferida Duraković | Edin Numankadic | Sabina Tanović | Larisa Kurtović | Jasmina Husanović | Mejrema Zatric | Smirna Kulenović | Emina Kujundžić | Yvana Enzler | Nicolas Moll | Igor Štiks | Gordana Anđelić-Galić | Nenad Stojanović | Nina Ugljen | Asim Mujkić | Nina Knežević | Srđa Hrisafović | Senka Ibrišimbegović | Milomir Kovačević-Strašni | Haris Piplas | Kenan Vatrenjak | Selma Harrington | Anida Krečo | Christophe Solioz | Wolfgang Petritsch.