The Balkans Out of the Box

Christophe Solioz, Baden-Baden: Nomos | SEIP, vol. 11, 2017.

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Thinking the Balkans out of the Box moves away from narrow and conventional, often state-centered, understandings of European integration and regional cooperation in relation to South East Europe.

Based on case studies, common as well as specific features of integration and region-building are presented in the framework of “early”, “old”, “new” and “comparative regionalism” approaches seen as complementary rather than mutually exclusive.

Using a long-term time horizon, these four waves are contextualised respectively in the post Second World War, Cold War, post-Cold War, and current Hypertext or Multiplex World Order. In the latter, integration and regionalisation become significantly more intertwined, heterogeneous, open, inclusive, comprehensive and multidimensional.