Austrian Presidency of the EU

Denisa Kostovicova and Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic (Eds), Vienna: Renner 2006.

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This collaborative project employed an interdisciplinary approach and gathered academic researchers, political analysts, and experts from various backgrounds and countries. Four separate sessions covered specific topics in the following issue areas: borders and politics; reconstruction and development; society, culture, and education; and EU working methods. These four sessions were complemented by a final, comprehensive session in which findings from those sessions were summarised, contextualised, and put into a comprehensive policy framework. For each session the organisers produced short briefs as background papers for a discussion.

With contributions by Peter Atanasov | Dimitar Bechev | Marie-Janine Calic | Michael Daxner | Milica Delevic Djilas | Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic | Vedran Dzihic | Vjekoslav Domljan | Vladimir Gligorov | Claudia Grupe | Enver Hoxhaj | Jasmina Husanovic-Pehar | Tim Judah | Denisa Kostovicova | Tihomir Loza | Silvana Mojsovska | Iavor Rangelov | Senad Slatina | Christophe Solioz | T. K. Vogel.