Resisting the Evil: Anti-War Contention

Bojan Bilić and Vesna Janković (Eds), Baden-Baden: Nomos | SEIP, vol. 7, 2012.

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Resisting the Evil: [Post-]Yugoslav Anti-War Contention illuminates (post-)Yugoslav anti-war engagement as an important and up to now neglected aspect of the complex process of Yugoslavia’s dissolution. This book presents a series of both activist and scholarly accounts written by authors coming from all of the republics and provinces of the former Yugoslavia. Employing a distinctly transnational approach and contextualising painful biographical narratives, Resisting the Evil offers a “look from within” which has been conspicuously missing from the regional sociology. Multiple forms of resistance to the wars of the Yugoslav succession are here positioned at the centre of a variety of intersecting power relations and ideological vantage points. Rather than opting for any kind of one-dimensional interpretation of the phenomena that it studies, this volume shows that a multi-scalar recovery of marginalised voices and experiences opens up a possibility for — or even requires — new forms of scholarship which transcend the mainstream insistence on “detached” analysis.

With contributions from: Bojan Aleksov | Bojan Bilić | Milica Dragojević | Marko Hren | Vesna Janković | Biljana Kašić | Gëzim Krasniqi | Larisa Kurtović |Lepa Mlađenović | Srđa Pavlović | Mojca Plansak | Ljubica Spaskovska | Nebojša Šavija-Valha | Zala Volčić.