Species of Spaces: word city and music city

Species of Spaces: word city and music city
Against the background of an introductory note on Boris Pahor’s writings, I focus on one of his urban miniatures that blurs the boundaries between literary, musical and architectural writing forms. Continuing with Šejla Kamerić’s and Anri Sala’s 1395 days without red (2011), a film whose composition of the architecture of a place dives beyond space and time, I explore here the urban space as an open-ended score. Combining poetry, music, film and architecture paves the way for a new kind of investigation of the urban space. Away from centralized, object-centred urbanism, the action and context-related city is experienced differently, as a space of possibility, as a creative process amounting to a performance.




  Vladislava Skarića 5, Sarajevo, 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
}  juillet 09, 2023
  dimanche, 14:00 à 14:30
n  MAP
    see https://www.warandmedia.org/why-remember-tracing-the-past/


   ual: Peace and Conflict Culture Network

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